‘Hydro’ to help the Speak Up cause

‘Hydro’ to help the Speak Up cause

August 24, 2018

When ‘Hydro’ the Poll Dorset ram is sold at the ‘Morvah Park’, Deniliquin sale in September he will make a special contribution to supporting the local community.

The entire proceeds from the sale of ‘Hydro’ will be donated to the Speak Up Campaign, which is advocating on behalf of the region for effective, common-sense water policy.

It will be a special day on Friday, September 14 for ‘Morvah Park’, which is this year celebrating its 60th anniversary.

The Saber Poll Dorset Stud was founded in 1958 by Rod Fawns and has been operated since 2011 by his son Steve and daughter-in-law Linda Fawns.

“We understand the importance of water to our region and appreciate the work being done by the Speak Up Campaign,” Linda said.

“We thought that donating the proceeds from ‘Hydro’ to Speak Up was a practical way to help.”

‘Hydro’ is one of the best in the sale for Lambplan performance figures with a weaning weight of 10.7, post weaning weight of 16.6 PEMD (eye muscle depth), 3.3 carcase plus 221.8.

Although Steve and Linda now manage the stud they have the support of Rod, with his 60 years’ experience in breeding sheep, who remains active as their mentor.

As Linda says, “we are grateful for his valuable advice and guidance”.

The ‘Morvah Park’ Saber Poll Dorset Stud is a member of Meat Elite Australia, which is a collaborative group of Poll Dorset breeders who are committed to giving clients a genetic edge with their sires when producing prime lamb for the sheep meat industry. The stud is MN3 and Brucellosis accredited free, as well as Lambplan recorded.

Speak Up Campaign chair Shelley Scoullar thanked the stud for supporting its efforts.




“Speak Up has been very active in recent months and although we rely heavily on our volunteers there are costs we cannot avoid. We can only continue our work if we have financial support, so the contribution that ‘Hydro’ and the Fawns’ family are making is greatly appreciated. I’m happy to talk with anyone else who wants to make a donation or has an idea that might help us generate funds,” Mrs Scoullar said.

‘Hydro’ will be sold at the ‘Morvah Park’ ram sale on Friday, September 14 from 12.30pm.  The stud is located at 1224 Moonee Swamp Road, Deniliquin. Selling agents are Rodwells Deniliquin, and for more information you can contact Steve Arentz (0429 814 403), Justin Barker (0400 714 718) or Steve and Linda Fawns (0428 303 316).

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